What are Monumentums™?

Monumentums are the official information sets Memory Club Players memorize during the game. The item in the middle of the table between tournament players is called the monumentum because it comes from a Latin word that means: a recording for the purpose of remembrance. It is where we get the word monument.

Monuments are often huge structures that serve the purpose for helping us remember something important in the past like a battle or invention. It is the oldest form of memory technique. We at the Memory Tournament Federation™ also see memory games as mental feats that are monumental.

Monumentums are tools you can use to practice your memory techniques. Monumentums are collections of objects. These can include: numbers, words, formulas, images and pretty much anything you can imagine that will challenge you to practice your memory.

Any information can be used as a monumentum but only official World Memory Tournament Federation™ Monumentum™ forms will be allowed for competition and ranking.

Once you’ve learned the random sequence list technique you are ready to go! Get started with these sample monumentums:

Sample Monumentums™

We hope you start to see the power of Memory Clubs, Tournaments and Monumentums™. You can start with simple monumentums then move your way up. You can use monumentums for your studies. Even children can play with monumentums!

Feel free to download and print these sample monumentums to get your Memory Club started right away!

Monumentum™ Generator Tool

Try out our new Monumentum™ Generator Tool! It is so easy and fun you won’t be able to help yourself! Start with our default monumentums then increase the difficulty level as you start to build your memory skills. You might begin with random numbers and objects but then try using a monumentum with a different language or a list of the elements from the periodic table. This is where we start to bridge sport and practical memory. We’ll be adding more monumentum lists over time so be sure to come back and visit often. Who knows what you’ll learn next?!